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Sanuki Wagyu Olive Beef

By Charles

Metropolitan Grill Introduces Exclusive, World Renowned
Sanuki Wagyu Olive Beef to Seattle

Premium brand from olive-fed cattle produced exclusively on Shodoshima Island in Japan

Steak lovers can experience the merging of two historic Japanese industries with Sanuki Wagyu, a high quality “olive beef” has arrived.

The beef hails from Shodoshima Island in Kagawa Prefecture, home to highly regarded cattle farming back to the year 700 and the site of the first olive cultivation in Japan more than 100 years ago. This unique premium offering is produced by feeding cattle the remains of pressed olives after they are made into olive oil.

With an abundance of oleic acid, antioxidants and glutamic acid, the dried olive fruit imparts remarkable umami and sweetness with smooth fat and tenderness into the beef. Only Sanuki Wagyu has been awarded both Gold and Silver labels by the Japan Meat Grading Association’s Carcass Trading Standards, guaranteeing quality and taste.

Metropolitan Grill is one of only two restaurants in the U.S. to serve this rare beef. Olive-fed Sanuki Wagyu will be on the menu in very limited supply. It is served in a 5 ounce cut for $135.

“Metropolitan Grill is nationally renowned for offering the finest and rarest cuts of beef available, truly providing the best steak in town as well as in the world,” said Eric Hellner, corporate chef of Consolidated Restaurants Inc., owner of Metropolitan Grill. “It is our pleasure to present this limited offering in our steak program for its historical significance as well as phenomenal taste.”

In addition to the Sanuki Wagyu olive beef, Metropolitan Grill has introduced Seattle to the most globally treasured meats such as Ohmi Gyu, Hokkaido Snow Beef and Iberico de Bellota pork from Spain.

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