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Get to Know Executive Chef Stan Ross

Stan Ross joined The Met in 2009 and became the Executive Chef in August of 2014. Here’s a glimpse behind the knife.

Hometown: Spokane, WA

Besides steak, what is your favorite food?
Right now I’m really into Latino spicy food, like spicy moles and jalapenos, but it evolves and changes and grows as I develop new tastes and visit new places.

Favorite cut of meat?
If I had to choose a “last meal” it would be a porterhouse at The Met because I get New York strip and tenderloin—both bone in—and I know it’s going to be amazing.

Who is one person, living or dead, who you’d like to cook for?
Winston Churchill because he would love The Met, no question about it. Big steaks, big drinks … yeah, that’s my guy.

You’re headed to Japan. Why?
It’s a personal trip, but also intend to make it educational. I’ve never been and think the experience of Tokyo will be amazing. I look forward to meeting key individuals in the Kobe beef industry, sharing recipe development ideas and visiting as many steakhouses as possible. I also have a strong background in seafood and am excited to see the Tokyo fish market.

If you could travel to any place or time for a meal, where would it be?
I’d go to turn of the Century Paris and swing by Ritz Carlton when Escoffier was there. Maybe the 1970s, and I’d go to Berkley and eat at Chez Panisse when Alice Waters started that whole revolution. And the 1990s when Charlie Trotter got going in Chicago. He truly revolutionized the way we looked at food.

Proudest moment in your cooking career?
Easy. When I became Executive Chef for The Met, as it has always been my favorite restaurant. It really was a dream come true.