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Featuring Extremely Rare & Premium Hokkaido Snow Beef

We are now serving premium Japanese Hokkaido Snow Beef. As one of only two select U.S. restaurants offering this exceptionally rare Wagyu beef, we truly have the best steak in town.

The Japanese Black Wagyu cattle are raised at Chateau Uenae Lake Farm, a private reserve in Hokkaido, which is the northernmost part of Japan where it gets very cold. The cold climate is what creates the unique meat quality and allows the beef to become as delicate as a snowflake, thus the name Snow Beef. The cold also lowers the melting point of the beef fat, which leads to an intense sweet flavor in the meat. Only one to two heads of cattle are harvested each month to ensure the highest quality of beef.

“Currently, the Hokkaido Snow Beef is one of the rarest and finest beef programs being imported to the U.S., and we are proud to include this premium product on The Met’s menu.” said Eric Hellner, corporate chef of Consolidated Restaurants Inc., owner of Metropolitan Grill.

Our luxury 5 oz. Snow beef cuts are served with roasted garlic, pearl onions, and baby rainbow carrots for $110.