Fall Harvest is the Best

Fall harvest is not only one of the most (pick one: exciting, busy, stressful, hectic) times of the year for winemakers and vineyard managers, but it is also one of the most important.  The best wines are made in the vineyard and the decision of when to pick the grapes determines so much about the wine that will be made.

Aaron with Kathy & Kerry Shiels

This year, I was really fortunate to attend the Washington Wine Commissions “Road Trip,” which takes a select group of wine professionals to many of the iconic vineyards and wineries here in Washington.  I got to witness harvest and the decisions leading up to it first-hand.  At JM Cellars I worked the sorting table, at Hightower we picked Cabernet Sauvignon and tested the grapes for sugar content and acidity levels (and hung out with Kelly and Tim!), and at Woodward Canyon we walked through the geology that helps shape their world class wines (there was a lot more with stops at Dubrul Vineyard, Revelry, Hedges among others, but there is only so much room here!).

We believe that Washington is one of the world’s great wine growing regions, and that belief is reflected in our wine list. We are recognized throughout the state and throughout the country as the most comprehensive assemblage of Washington wine anywhere in the world. 

This time of year I find myself drinking fuller bodied wines to help cope with the chilly weather, wines like the beautiful Syrah put out by Amavi or the spectacular Chester Kidder, a Cabernet Sauvignon based blend from Longshadows Winery.  Both of these wines go so well with one of our big, juicy Porterhouse steaks that it makes me believe there is a greater plan in the universe…

With Thanksgiving coming up, don’t forget some of the lighter style wines as well.  Pinot Noir and Gamay Noir both go incredibly well with turkey (which some of us might be eating in November?).  On our wine list, the Grochau Cellars Gamay is simply stunning.  Powerful, but light on its feet, this wine is fantastic with poultry or pork.  While not the typical pairing, it’s also excellent with oysters on the half shell. Cristom Mt Jefferson Cuvee is my go to Pinot Noir, both at home and here in the restaurant.  It is delicious and extremely complementary to all sorts of food.

I hope you all enjoy this time of year as much as I do, and I look forward to seeing you here at Metropolitan Grill!

~Aaron Wood-Snyderman, Director of Wine