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A Year of Celebration

Every year we are proud to recognize our team members for their notable career milestones.

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New Cabernet Blend Release with Drew Bledsoe & Josh McDaniels

In partnership with Doubleback Winery’s owner and founder, former NFL quarterback Drew Bledsoe, and President & Director of Winemaking, Josh McDaniels, we proudly present Ensemble.

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Blending Our Custom Woodford Reserve Bourbon

Over the years, Metropolitan Grill has built partnerships with some of our favorite producers and brands including Woodford Reserve.

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Behind The Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry shortcake is one of our favorite summertime sweets at The Met.

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Wines for the Warmer Seasons

As the weather warms, chilled wines become more and more popular. Here are some tips to get the most enjoyment out of your wines during the warmer months.

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If USDA Prime beef is the backbone of Metropolitan Grill’s steak program, then our premium A-5 Japanese prefectures are its heart.

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Paired to Perfection

When it comes to pairing wine with steak, there are many options to choose from depending on your preference. Here are three of our favorite pairings.

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The backbone of our beef program has been USDA Prime since we opened more than 35 years ago.

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Sanuki Wagyu Olive Beef

Introducing the exclusive, world renowned Sanuki Wagyu Olive Beef to Seattle.

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