Cellar Club


How often will I receive wine selections?

Four times per year. Quarterly wine allocations are scheduled in January, April, July and October.

How are my wines selected?

Our Wine Director makes the selection for each quarterly allocation. In addition, you will receive tasting notes that represent the wines chosen and have access to a personal sommelier regarding any questions you may have about the wine–including advice on when to open a bottle and which wine from your allocation to serve for a big dinner. Wine Director level members will have the ability to purchase additional bottles of wine at anytime from our cellar.

How do I receive my wine?

We host quarterly parties to collect your wine and taste incredible vintages with our wine team and other members.

The upcoming parties are scheduled for October 13, January 12, April 13, and July 13. We will be sending you an email invitation a few weeks in advance to reserve your spot.

You also have the option to receive your wine on your next reservation (as early as one week after the party). We recommend the reservation be under your name to provide you with the best dining experience possible.

When are the pick-up parties?

January 12, April 13, July 13 and October 12.

How am I notified of receiving upcoming wine selections?

An email will be sent 3 weeks prior to each pick-up party. You will also have the option to pick up your wine at your next Metropolitan Grill reservation. Please notify us one week prior to your reservation.

When is the deadline to pick up my wine?

Members enjoy a pickup window of five weeks after each party.

Can I have someone else pick up my wine selection?

Yes, but you must first send a written authorization to info@TheMetCellarClub.com. We ask that you notify us 5 days in advance and include the name of the person picking up your shipment.

How do I receive my wine discount when dining?

Once you become a member, you simply make a reservation under your name and start enjoying your benefits! We will have your Membership ID on file when dining.

How do I change my account information?

Simply login to update any profile and/or credit card information.

When will I get billed for the club selection?

Your card will be charged immediately upon purchase. As an ongoing membership, your card will be charged on the same date every three months. For example, if your purchase on 9/15/18, your auto-renew will occur 12/15/18. Your 9/15 purchase is for your immediate dining benefits & Fall wine allocation. Your 12/15 purchase continues your benefits and Winter wine allocation.

Who can I contact with additional questions?

I have a Wine Director level membership and one of my benefits is ordering wine any time from your cellar. How do I place my order?

-Great! Please email info@TheMetCellarClub.com