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Behind The Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry shortcake is one of our favorite summertime sweets at The Met. With old fashioned shortcake, fresh local Shuksan strawberries and fresh whipped cream, this delicious dessert truly signals summer and brings back all childhood memories.

Every year, it’s a dish we look forward to adding on our menu. In a world of food trends that are in today and out tomorrow, Metropolitan Grill’s tradition is enduring. Our philosophy is to build on tradition, to create something long-lasting that really stays with you. We want to be a place that is a part of your story, a place where memories are made and life is celebrated.

Sustainability is key to building an enduring tradition. While everyone is talking about farm to table, we’re completing the cycle by going from table back to farm. We give our food scraps to Sound Sustainable Farms to use as compost. In exchange, we receive a variety of fresh local crops including my personal favorite – Shuksan strawberries. You’ll find that these local berries are deep red, juicy, sweet, delicate and the best strawberries on the planet. They have a brief 3-week harvest cycle and are weather depending. Since they are incredibly ripe, they are best enjoyed the day of.

Indulge in this summer favorite while the season lasts. Enjoy!

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Eric Hellner, Corporate Chef, The Metropolitan Grill