We LOVE Washington wine here at The Metropolitan Grill. We have eleven Washington wines available by the glass, and over 500 more Washington wines available by the bottle on our list.

Washington wine is delicious.
Washington wine pairs well with food.
Washington wine drinks well on its own.
Washington wine is GREAT wine.

On our Sommelier Selection page right now, we are featuring two different wines from Washington.

The 2013 Andrew Will Two Blondes Vineyard, is made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot grown in the winery’s own estate vineyard in the Yakima Valley. This wine is the perfect example of what Washington State can do with Bordeaux-style blends. The wine is plush with lots of ripe fruit, but it also shows undertones of black olive, tobacco and dried herbs. The balance of ripe fruit and beautiful secondary notes is exactly what makes Washington wine so special.

The second, 2015 Avennia Justine from the Columbia Valley is one of my favorite examples of what we can do with Rhône style grapes grown in Washington State. Justine is Grenache dominant, with a big chunk of Mourvedre and a little less Syrah as the supporting varieties in the blend. The flavor profile on this wine is deep, dark and savory on one hand, and fresh and mouthwatering on the other. This wine from Avennia Winery is appropriate as a cocktail wine and it also pairs really well with smoky foods (a Ribeye from the grill, anyone?).

Come join us in March as we celebrate Washington Wine Month. Ask your server for a taste of one of the many Washington wines that we serve by the glass or talk to one of our Sommeliers about the Washington wines we serve by the bottle!

Reserve your table.

~ Aaron Wood-Snyderman, Wine Director